Father’s Day Craft & Water Sickness

For Father’s Day last weekend, I decided to take the homemade route and craft up a gift for my dad.

I blended up some seasonings to make homemade Season-All, a Carolina-style barbecue rub, and a Kansas-style barbecue rub. I purchased some bacon popcorn and montreal steak seasoning chips from World Market – perfect “dad” snacks. Also found at World Market were little salt shakers and a restaurant style season shaker that I included as an accessory for serious backyard grilling sessions. My finished product came out like this:
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As for the water: I thought it’d be a nice change of pace to try and, I don’t know, hydrate. So I went big–and definitely went home by attempting to drink a gallon of water per day. I marked the gallon with the prospective finish times to track my progress. I dubbed it #gallonchallenge.





This is TOUGH. I failed on day one.  It causes hyper-frequent bathroom trips, which is slightly irritating. I feel that attempting to drink an entire gallon of water per day is excessive. I’m still attempting to keep it up, though I find that I’m actually just holding onto the same gallon and working through every three days. Epic Fail.







Moving on with life.