I work in marketing, so the amount of content I pour over on the intrawebs is astounding. Yes–scouring the web for content is part of my job–albeit a small one. Here are some of my favorite sources of inspiration for healthy living and fitness:

FitMiss on Twitter

I came across Chady Dunmore on Pinterest when I was searching for a quick total body workout. FitMiss is a line of fitness supplements for women and their Twitter feed is loaded up with intense daily workouts. Lots of my circuits feature some moves inspired by this super woman powerhouse.

Michele Rogers

So during my 2012 summer break from college, I couldn’t justify purchasing a gym membership when I knew my glorious campus rec center would be waiting, arms wide open, when I returned to classes a short 2 months later. I sought the guidance of one of the most underrated fitness resources out there: television. Remember that? It’s like a giant iPhone screen that you have to activate with a remote control. It’s cool. Comcast On-Demand has a wealth of fitness channels, one of which features this tiny, feisty, kick ass trainer named Michele Rogers who got me in tip-top shape during summer 2012. Her workouts range from 15-minute upper body sessions to intense 35 minute full body circuits. Near and dear to my heart, many of her moves hold a top spot on my regular circuit series.

Shonda1020 on Instagram

Always posting mini workout videos and endless shoutouts to some IG fitness powerhouses, Shonda1020 is one I can’t ignore if I tried. Great for mixing up my routine when I’m in a rut.

Cleaneatz on Instagram

This little IG profile is one who’s posts I see in the mornings and become instantly reminded of just how gratifying it is to maintain a healthy diet. These posts feature gorgeous, professionally photographed dishes made with the most pure ingredients. The cleaneatz meals and snacks that pop up on my feed almost look to delicious to be wholesome.


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