winter 2016 background,iphone screensaver,iphone wallpaper

Winter Design

I don’t know what it is about the winter and the impending holiday season that prompts me to change my phone wallpaper. Quite possibly: watching The Holiday 6+ times in one week, building hot chocolate mix jars for friends and family, or a chilly breeze taking me back to my favorite chapter in Lavyrle Spencer’s Bittersweet (circa 1990). I. don’t. know.

In an attempt to capture some of those moments every time I look at my phone and to indulge my obsession with marble lately (wtf?), I created this one. With a snippet from one of the world’s most favorite Christmas tunes (may your days be merry and bright) and a splash of gilded glory, this is the perfect classy reminder that it’s the holidays. As if I can’t tell just by opening my eyes every morning and looking at, you know, anything.  I like it. Download it if ya want.







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