Spring Circuits, Salads + Kombucha

bone garden atlanta salad, rachel reed

Bone Garden Cantina Salad with cilantro lime vinaigrette dressing

Earlier this month, my friend and I hit up Bone Garden Cantina on the west side of Atlanta for a little Mezcal and Mexican. This salad was ridiculously incredible. The Mezcal wasn’t bad either.

beach run, beach work out

mexico beach, florida beach run

I went down to Florida to see some family over the weekend – to a tiny beach straight out of the eighties. Mexico Beach was a welcome respite from my usual weekend work-workout-sleep-workout again routine. It was small, quiet, and sunny. I got in a couple of nice beach runs and incorporated some push up and triceps dips intervals, not before being challenged by teenaged spring breakers to a push up-off. I won.

kale turkey salad

Kale, pepitas, pistachios, goat cheese, turkey, cucumber, jalapeño salad.

My staple salad: kale, pepitas, pistachios, goat cheese, turkey, cucumber and jalapeño. I bring my homemade dressing of balsamic, olive oil, cayenne powder, lemon juice, basil and jalapeño on the side. It’s the bomb.

beach workout

mexico beach workout


búcha kombucha tea

búcha lemongrass ginger kombucha tea


For the last few weeks, I’ve brought this búcha kombucha tea to work – it’s been fabulous. More flavors to come, but lemongrass ginger is my fav.


collard green salad

collard green, jalapeño , cucumber & turkey salad

Publix was completely out of kale, so I grabbed a bag of collard greens instead. I’m not sure how I feel about them. Also, someone came to my office to investigate the source of an apparently bad smell filtering through the office – it was definitely my replacement kale.


Spring Circuits – March/April 2014

Monday 3/10
“Omg kill me. Bad mood/bitter and feeling like everything I wear looks horrible and I feel out of place in my own skin…” said me before I completely crushed the below workout.

10 minutes stairs 
Mntn climbers + side dips
30 lb bar squats 
Wide lunge bicep curl 
Deadlift/row 10/10, 10/10
Repeat 3x 
30 Mntn climbers + 30 side dips

Tuesday 3/11 
Plank row 15 lbs
Triceps dips 
Curtsey + bicep curl 
Reverse fly 
Lateral lunge 
Bicycles, switch kicks, mntn climbers

Wednesday 3/12 
Heavy shoulder press

30 triceps dips
20 side dips
15 each side hi-lo shelf oblique twist
Repeat 3x 
Lat raises/front around raises
30 tri dips
20 mntn climbers+20sec plank hold
Repeat 3x

Thursday 3/13
30 Push ups 
Lunge rotation
Front lever squat
Deadlift bicep curls (1:2)
30 bicycles – 30 long lever leg lift – 30 mntn climbers

Saturday 3/15
Circuit 1 
Jump squats
15 Kettle bell swings 
15 lbs deadlift burpees+ pushup 
Circuit 2 
Lunge bicep curls 
30 mountain climbers, 30 side dips 
Repeat 3x

Monday 3/17
Deadlift rows 
Front lever squat
Deadlift + overhead press 
Lateral lunge raises 
Bar curls 
45 Mntn climbers 20 sec hold (2x)

Repeat 3x

Tuesday 3/18
Plank rows
Reverse fly 
Plank push up 
Curtesy lunge 
Plank rolls

Wednesday 3/19
1 circuit 3 sets 
Lateral lunges 
30 bikes-15 dips-30 lever switch
Lunge bicep curls 
Front lever squats 
Deadlift with overhead press 
One leg kickbacks 
Squat jumps

Thursday 3/20
Beer belly circuit

2 mile run + non weighted:
Push ups 
Flutter kicks

Short run
65 walking lunges each side

Plank rows 
Push ups to side plank 
30 lb bar deadlift/row combo 
Curtsey lunges with bicep hold 
Row machine plank pull ins 
12 lb plank twists on toes (start facing down and open plank up carrying weight to shoulder) 
Assisted pull ups

Triceps shoulders and sprints 
Triceps dips 
Lateral raises/front raises 
Lunge overhead press 
Triceps kickbacks 
Repeat 3x
10 minutes quick stepper level 12

Tuesday 3/25 body 
12 lbs  
Lunge rotation 
Plank turn outs 
Front lever squats 25lb plate 
Lunge bicep curls 
Side step squats 25 lb plate 
30 mountain climbers 
Row machine in outs abs

Repeat 3x

Wednesday 3/26
Triceps dips 
30lb bar shoulder press 
15lb kickbacks 
15 lb lateral raises 
15 lb front raises 
15 lb kickbacks 
Tricpes dips 
Cardio 3 minutes
Repeat 3x

Thursday 3/27
Plank rows 
Push ups to side plank 
15lb deadlift/row combo 
15lb Curtsey lunges with bicep hold 
Row machine plank pull ins 
12 lb plank twists on toes (start facing down and open plank up carrying weight to shoulder)

Beach run + push ups (intervals) 
Beach run + triceps (intervals)
Beach run + push ups (intervals) 
Beach run + triceps (intervals)
Tuesday 4/1
25 lb plate Front lever squats (15)
15 lb lunge rotation (15 each side)
25lb plate side step squats (4 steps each way x3-4)
Repeat 3x

Wednesday 4/2
Tricep dips (30)
15lb lateral raises (15)
40lb bar deadliest row combo
Repeat 3x

Thursday 4/3
15lb plank rows (15)
mountain climbers (30)
plank pushups (10 each)
curtsey lunges (30 with weight on shoulders)
15lb plank turn outs  (8 each side)

Saturday 4/5
I know you can’t “spot treat” but I want to pay particular attention to legs and abs for a while. Meaning I’ll up my weight for abs and reps for legs, as well as incorporate cardio blasts between circuits.

10 minutes stairs
12.5lb lunge bicep curls (15 each)
40lb bar deadlift/row combination
lever squats with 25lb plate (20)
Repeat 3x
TRX plank in/outs
12.5lb plank turn outs (10 each side)
Repeat 3x

It’s always a good sign for me when my music becomes difficult to hear during my workout; it means I’ve gotten my sweat on enough that my ear buds are starting to fall out.

Monday 4/7
10 minutes stairs
12.5lb plank rows (15 each)
12.5lb bench press + fly (15 each)
40lb deadlift/row combo ( 4/4 x4)
Repeat 3x
Row machine in outs (15-20)
mountain climbers (30)
curtsey lunges + leg lift for 15, bicep hold for 15
Repeat 3x

Tuesday 4/8
Ran 2 miles
15lb shoulder press (15)
triceps dips (30)
high-low shelf oblique twist
Repeat 3x
15lb Front to lateral raises (15)
triceps dips (30)
mountain climbers (30) + bicycles (30) + side plank dips (30 each)
Repeat 3x
Tack on one more round of abs


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