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Circuit Series Three

This past week, I arranged my workouts so that I hit three full-body circuit days and focused on upper body the other days. Sunday was an outdoor park circuit and the rest of the week was spent indoors with some serious circuits.

Since I’ve been trying to maintain a rotation between these and last week’s circuits (or some variation of them), I have come to realize that this pace can quickly wear the body and mind down. My lightbulb moment/revelation (I have many of these) for this week is kind of a dichotomy:

Lightbulb Revelation Part One: I know that our bodies have their limits, and I know that it’s important to let our bodies rest and avoid mentally driving ourselves into a plateau. That said, there’s a fine line between ignoring our body’s need for rest and allowing ourselves to become complacent with rest. For me, when I allow myself to rest for too long (i.e. more than two days), I find that the chances of slipping into a comfortable routine exponentially increase.

Lightbulb Revelation Part Two: When I walk into the gym feeling low, tired and just not particularly confident in my kick-assness, I’ve found that if I just get through the warm up and half of my first circuit, I began to mentally conquer that laziness. Then, once I’m through the first circuit and on to the second round, the movements come more easily. Then it’s on to kicking ass. So, I’ve tried to tell myself to just get in and give it a shot on those mentally brutal days. Works like a charm.

The weather was strangely amazing last Sunday in Atlanta, so naturally everyone and their twice removed cousin’s boyfriend’s sister and their gaggle of best friends and everyone of their kids were at our city’s favorite park. My friends and I whipped out the ‘ole basic outdoor circuit workout. There were three of us, three circuits and we rotated until we each completed all three. It went like this:

Circuit A
25 squats
20 pushups
20 switching lunges (total)
Run set of stairs up and down, then run a hill.
Circuit B
30 triceps dips
15-20 inverted pushups
20 plank rolls with leg lift*
Run set of stairs up and down, then run a hill.
Circuit C
15 burpees
15 angled chin ups**
Run set of stairs up and down, then run a hill.
* Plank position, rotate until in side plank, quickly switch to other side. pulse each leg straight up, contracting the glutes. Repeat.
**So we worked out near a set of concrete stairs, using the handrails as the bar. Complete 6-7 chin ups holding the bar underhanded with feet extended in front, heels on the ground, toes pointed up. Switch to face opposite direction halfway through.
1 min walk/ 1 min sprint x3
1 12.5 lb and 1 15 lb (busy at the weight rack)
Plank row
Reverse fly
Plank Push up
Curtesy lunges
Plank rolls+leg lift
1 min walk/1 min sprint x3

14 minutes stairs level 10
1 Circuit 3 sets
Lateral lunges
30 bikes-15+dips-30+30 long lever leg raise switches
Lunge bicep curls
Front lever squats
Deadlift with overhead press
One leg kickbacks
15 Squat jumps

12 minutes stairs/off/had somewhere to be

12 minutes stairs, 20 push ups
Circuit 1 x 3
20lb shoulder press drop set
30 triceps dips
Side plank dips 15 each side
Wood chop 15 each side
20 mountain climbers+15 sec hold
Dropset lateral raises 15,12,10
Dropset front around raises
Dropset front raises
20 mountain climbers+ 15 sec hold repeat 3x

5 minutes treadmill (feeling very slow and tired today)
Circuit 1 3x
20-30 push ups
15 Bent-over lateral raises (12.5 lbs)
Assisted wide-grip pull ups
Circuit 2 3x
15 lunge rotations each
15 front raise + squat (like a lever) 
15-20 deadlift + two bicep curls30 bicycles each side + 30 long lever leg raise switches + 20 mountain climbers


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