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Work Out Circuit Series One

I’ll preface this post: I write these workouts while I cool down; sometimes I don’t understand what my weird, endorphin-induced post-workout brain short code.

total body circuit

Warm Up: 20 min elliptical + Ball plank toe rotation + 1 min plank hold

Circuit 1 (2x)
25 lb kettle bell deadlift thrusts
25 lb kettle bell swings
12 lb plank rows
12 Leg extensions heavy
Circuit 2 (2x)
15 ea alt lunges 12lbs
30 mntn climbers
30 sec ball plank hold
15 ball bridges
15 ea alt lunges 30lb bar
Dead lift rows 10,10,10 + 10
30 sec ball plank
30 mountain climbers
15 hip bridges on ball
Pistol Squats (attempts)

cool down
15 minutes cross stepper


Chest Circuit
Warm up: 5 min stairs + Pull ups (assisted, drop set) +  Pistol squat attempts

Circuit 1 (5x)
15 Drop set Bosu chest press 15lbs, 12lbs
Superset 20 chest flys (12lbs)
15 Straight bar bicep curls (12lbs)
Sets 2 & 4 40lb plate squats
Set 3 side bi curls + bosu plank rolls with leg lifts
Set 4 burnout isometric curls and bottom half curls + elliptical:
1 min level 12, 10 lunges each repeat 2x


Warm up: 6 min stairs
Circuit 1 (3x)
15lb overhead press 15 + 10 single arm press isometric
drop set single front raise (15 lbs, 10 lbs)
Circuit 2 (2x)
Spider planks 12-15 each + superset 30 side dips each
Plank triceps kickbacks burnout
30 Triceps dips



warm up: 20 minutes stairs
Circuit 1 (3x)
Lateral raise (12.5lbs)
Reverse fly (12.5lbs)
Dead lift rows (30lb bar)
1 set 15lb single reverse fly burnouts
Circuit 2 (3x)
Plank rows
Push up to side plank
30 triceps dips
8 minutes stairs

“don’t skip leg day”
Warm up: 12 min stairs
Circuit 1 (3x)
Forward/backward lunge
Walking Squats
Curtsey lunge non weighted
Circuit 2 (3x)
Leg Curls
Leg Extensions
Wide angle lunge
Wide leg dead lift with calf raise


3x 12.5 lbs
Ball presses + flys
Bar curls
One ab movement

1 x3
Lateral raises
Arnold press
Diamond push
2 x 3
Front raise
Barbell press
Bent over lateral raise

back triceps
1 – 3x
Wide grip lat pull down hi lo
Lawn mowers
Tricep dips
2 3x
Close seated rows
Reverse fly
Tricep dips
Deadlift rows
Tricep dips

1 2x
Bar lunges 15 each
Walking squats
Non weighted curtesy lunges
2 2x

Curls drop set
Extensions drop set
Wide angle lunges 15 each
Wide dead lift calf raise, Wide dead lift

random biceps
Curls drop set
Wide angle bar lunges
Cross stepper
Extensions drop set
Wide dead lift
Cross stepper



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